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New management for Van Osch Uden BV!

Bart van Osch, director and co-owner, is leaving the family business after 30 years

Bart van Osch, director and co-owner of Van Osch Uden is leaving our family business after 30 years. He is transferring his share in the company to his sister Lieke van den Heuvel-van Osch and his brother-in-law Bas van den Heuvel. Bart made his decision after a well-considered process. He will reflect on a new future in the coming period. A new management will take over his duties.

Bart's tasks to be taken over by new management

Bart's departure causes a management change within our company. Bart van Osch's tasks will be taken over by Eric Langens, Nicole Vogels and Lieke and Bas van den Heuvel. Eric will become commercial director while Nicole will be responsible for finance and personnel. Bas van den Heuvel will focus on engineering and production in addition to the role of general director; he and Lieke will take on general affairs. The new management sees a bright future full of opportunities and possibilities.

Nothing will change for our customers and suppliers

Nothing will change for our customers and suppliers as a result of Bart's departure. With Van Osch Uden and Growfeeder, we will continue to focus on the international market for pig house equipment. The development, production and supply of high-quality pig house equipment for pig farming remains the main activity for both our companies.

Questions and more information

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Published on: 23 September 2022