stall equipment


When we tell about our 'Made in Holland' products, we are proud. Our production facility in Uden (Brabant) has all the machines and supplies to deliver top quality products of a constant high quality.

Where the Netherlands is at the forefront worldwide when it comes to steel structures, we are national leader. In other words, the products that leave Uden are the best products currently available.

Machine park and automation

In recent years, we have invested heavily in automation and broadening of the capabilities of the machines in our production site. We produce everything ourselves with a good reason: keeping engineering close together, means staying in control of the quality we guarantee on a daily basis.

Working efficiently

One central (production) location has another advantage: efficiency. Our production lines are short. Added to our industry experience, this is a combination that you benefit from as a valued partner, for example in terms of thinking about the best (tailor-made) solution for the end user. Competitive market prices are the standard in our business philosophy.

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