stall equipment

Sow stall Dreumel

In Dreumel (Gelderland), a pig farm was expanded in 2016-2017 with farrowing crates, pregnant sows and piglets. The farmer chose group housing using plastic material. Feed of the groups of 20 sows takes place via floor feeding: the feed falls on the floor near the air inlet panels.

The farrowing sows lie on fully slatted floors with stainless steel supports. In addition, the piglet nests are made of rubber-heated nodded plates. These plates provide a good grip for the newborn piglets.

The air intake enters below the feed trough. Through the front, the air reaches the nose of the sow (or at the top of the front). Due to this combination, the air enters at the head of the sow constantly.

The piglets lay on fully slatted floors, combined with concrete slats. This combination ensures a good manure permeation and a good grip for the piglets.