Stall equipment piglets

We provide floor pens for piglets as a complete package, if desired including grid flooring, feed bins, troughs, and so on. Of course, tailor made exclusively for you.

Our piglet pens are available in different materials and with various feed solutions, such as dry feeding and liquid feed troughs.

Closed walls or pin fencing

Depending on your preference, you choose closed walls or pin fencing in your piglet pens. We also have grid floors in different versions: both in terms of material (steel, concrete, composite or plastic) as in comfort (with or without heating).

Balcony’s: more square meters

Would you like to create additional living space without building a new building? Then choose for a balcony. We realize a floor (of composite, metal or plastic) that can reach your pigs (pigs for meat and piglets) through a walkway (folded or fixed). The balcony’ s are available in different versions: concrete, composite and plastic.

Advantages of platforms:

  • More efficient use of stall area

  • Larger share of closed flooring

  • More choice in berth

  • Wide choice for bottom material (concrete, metal, plastic)

  • Climate control (create temperature difference top-bottom)

  • Richer living environment

  • Possibility of separating (evading) pen mates

Tumble up balcony

We have developed a tumble up balcony for cleaning the pens and loading the pigs. The accessibility of both the lower and upper platforms remains optimal. With a balcony, you increase the proportion of closed flooring, against a very attractive investment.

Weaner house
Piglet pens are increasingly being fitted with a heated convex floor and a "cold" grid in the back of the pen.The advantage of this layout is a warm area where the piglets can lie and a cold area for making manure.

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Weaner house Egchel
A new piglet farm is built in Egchel (Limburg) in 2018. The piglet pens are made of a complete plastic slatted floor, combined with concrete slats. This classification creates a warm part (where the piglets are) and a cold part.

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Balcony’s Sambeek
In mid 2016 we provided a fattener stall with a solid plastic Paneltim platform for a farmer in Sambeek. These platforms are 100 cm deep. Due to the high overvoltage, stainless steel supports were placed in the middle of the platform. The plastic panels make the platforms easy to clean.

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