Stall equipment meat pigs

Our pen equipment is available in different materials and designs. They each meet our stringent requirements in terms of quality, sustainability and animal welfare.

We supply fattener pens in durable PVC, with impact-resistant Paneltim panels or made with concrete baffles with Trespa doors. The profiles are either stainless steel or galvanized steel. In the field of floors, we offer maximum freedom of choice: from concrete grid floors to solid floors or cast iron grid floors.

Of course, we are also your partner in your need for feeders (dry or liquid), water pipes, trough feed and so on.

Balcony’s: more square meters

Would you like to create additional living space without building a new building? Then choose for a balcony. We realize a floor (of concrete, metal or plastic) that can reach your pigs (pigs for meat and piglets) through a walkway (tumble up or fixed). The balcony’ s are available in different versions: concrete, composite and plastic.

Advantages of platforms:

  • More efficient use of stall area

  • Larger share of closed floor

  • More choice in berth

  • Wide choice for bottom material (concrete, metal, plastic)

  • Climate control (create temperature difference top-bottom)

  • Richer living environment

  • Possibility of separating (evading) pen mates

Tumble up balcony

We have developed a tumble up balcony for cleaning the pens and loading the pigs. The accessibility of both the lower and upper platforms remains optimal. With a balcony, you increase the proportion of closed flooring, against a very attractive investment.

Check out the operation of the platforms..

Balcony’s Deurne
In 2021 we delivered balcony’s for a fattener stall in Deurne. The plates are 120 cm deep, here we have chosen for tumble up platforms. These balcony’s with Paneltim plates are elevated (bottom platform: 100 cm). This results in a better view of the animals, which allows for better control.

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Fattener farm Panningen
In 2021 we decorated a pork stall with panels and Groba group feeders. Behind the group feeder, a trespa gate was mounted to create large groups. By providing the stainless steel tube to the feed bin, a very stable construktion is created.

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Fattener farm Siebengewald
This stable was decorated in 2021 with plastic stall equipment and feed troughs. The fully planar grid flooring with openings (under the stainless steel feed trough) ensures stability and good hygiene. In the partition walls, trespa gates were provided to create large groups. Behind the trough you will find a stainless steel grid, which contributes to a hygienic housing.

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