stable equipment

stable equipment

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Welcome to the Van Osch website. In the world of pig farming, we are the recognised authority in equipment for pig houses. Our practical, innovative and future-proof solutions for pig house equipment support you as a pig farmer or as a dealer on a daily basis. Customised to suit your specific situation!

Complete range of equipment

Driven, committed and proud. And with a rich tradition based on practical experience in pig farming. Our history as a family business, with a true passion for our profession and the sector, dates back to 1939. We understand the needs of our customers. Based on our long experience, expertise and craftsmanship, we have developed a complete range of equipment for pigs. The values that characterise our products are (Dutch) quality, innovation and sustainability.

A personal approach

You can always rely on our service. We fulfil our promises to our customers every day, in the way you can expect from a specialist, producer and supplier of equipment for pig houses. We like to help our customers achieve their ambitions. This website introduces you to who we are and how we can help and support you as a dealer or pig farmer. For a better impression, we’d like to meet you in person. Pleased to meet you!


Our vision

Every day, farmers active in the pig production sector use sustainable and innovative methods to contribute to food security for the future. Dedicated pig farmers who fully align every aspect of their farm management strategy with the wishes, expectations and demands of critical consumers, society in general and the authorities. As a specialist, producer and supplier to the sector, it is logical for us to make an optimal contribution to current and new, future-proof developments in pig farming. We do this based on the knowledge, expertise and skill we have gained through our practical experience of the sector. And without losing sight of the professional, social and public interests of pig producers.

Our mission

Customised equipment in the form of our practical, innovative and future-proof solutions make daily operations smoother and easier for pig farmers. This is how we play a leading role in contributing to a proud, profitable and sustainable agricultural sector.


Pregnant sows

The important features that a stall for sows must meet are safety, comfort and ease of use. Van Osch combines the best of these three areas in optimal stall equipment.


Farrowing sows

Good, professional accommodation of farrowing sows and piglets is a key condition for a successful pig farm. Comfort, animal welfare and ease of use are central to all our solutions.



We provide floor pens for piglets as a complete package, if desired including grid flooring, feed bins, troughs, and so on. Of course, tailor made exclusively for you.



Our pen equipment is available in different materials and designs. They each meet our stringent requirements in terms of quality, sustainability and animal welfare.

Stall equipment

Quality, lifespan, ease of use, animal welfare; These are just a few factors that determine the choice of stable furnishings. Van Osch stable equipment is a specialist in stainless steel products for the agricultural sector. We make stainless steel stable equipment and related products for dealers and representatives, with pig farming as the final destination.


Pen design

Drinkers and water pipes

Drinkers and water pipes

walls, doors and finishing profiles

Walls, doors and finishing profiles

Enrichment toys

Enrichment toys



stable equipment parts

Customised parts

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Know what is needed.

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We deliver custom work!

Customization of stall equipment is our specialty. We love to discuss with you to the smallest details how we can fulfill your need for stall equipment. Nothing is nicer and more challenging than developing products together with you as a customer, testing them and eventually producing them.

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Do you need more information about Van Osch products, or do you want to know more about our company? Feel free to contact us. We would like to help you.