Sustainability and quality

Sustainability and quality

With heart for and proud of pig farmer…

Improving every day, with curiosity as one of our core values: it comes naturally to the entire team at Van Osch . And by ‘improving every day’ we mean how we can support you as a pig farmer or dealer to the best of our abilities.

Made in Holland

Front and centre is the development of premium quality, innovative equipment for pig farms. We call this “Made in Holland”. In addition to aspects such as ease of use and durability, we consider sustainability to be paramount.

Our own engineering and production departments represent customisation at its best, driven by a customer-centric approach, flexibility and quality. In the materials used and the finish. With passion and pride for pig farming, we are happy to contribute to the process of future-proofing the sector.

Environmental wholeness

The focus of the advice we give, and all the products we develop, is on creating the right balance between your professional interests on the one hand and the views and experiences of today’s consumers, society and the authorities. We aim for sustainable quality by taking environment wholeness into account and respecting the integrity of humans and animals. For the pig farming sector and for you!


Hulsel, farrowing pen


Leende, piglet pen


Wolferstedt, free-range farrowing pen


Nederweert, free-range farrowing pen

Pregnant sows
Farrowing sows
Stall equipment

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