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With heart for and proud of pig farmer…

Improving every day, with curiosity as one of our core values: it comes naturally to the entire team at Van Osch . And by ‘improving every day’ we mean how we can support you as a pig farmer or dealer to the best of our abilities.

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Clients speak out:

“A great group of people who prioritise service and cooperation”

Production of healthy food and generating green energy converge at Houbensteyn Group. Martin Houben, director and one of the owners, says that Houbensteyn has combined pig farming and energy generation into a circular system that revolves around pigs. Van Osch is proud of the many years of cooperation with Houbensteyn.

Quality products
If you ask Martin Houben to summarise his experiences with Van Osch in one word, he doesn’t have to think twice. “Amazing!” is the answer. “The people at Van Osch are true professionals, who supply top quality products with their modern machinery. Whether the project is for sows or finishers, and the material is stainless steel or steel, Van Osch, in my opinion, deliver real craftsmanship.”

Intimate knowledge and understanding of the branch
“They listen closely to what you want, think along in the design phase and then manufacture what you have agreed,” says Martin Houben. “It is also an advantage that the team at Van Osch doesn’t restrict its contact to just the customer, but also communicates with the other parties involved in constructing a pig house. They’re a great group of people with intimate knowledge and understanding of the branch, who prioritise service and cooperation.”

“They keep their promises”

Mark Tijssen is pig farmer with an intense dedication to his profession. He raises pigs on various sites across north and central Limburg. He can’t remember with certainty how long he has been a customer at Van Osch, like his father-in-law before him. But what he can say is: you’re at the right address at Van Osch for the best in pig house equipment.

Experience in the sector
“I think it’s essential that a supplier and producer knows what they are talking about, have experience in the sector and deliver high quality products. You can rely on Van Osch to tick all those boxes,” says Mark Tijssen.

Mark Tijssen continues by mentioning the quality of the contact moments. “The communication lines are short at Van Osch and they can respond rapidly if anything happens unexpectedly. They are very solution-oriented. I always say: service should be second nature. And everything at Van Osch just reflects that. They keep their promises. As I’ve experienced for many years, you can have complete confidence in that.”

“We share the same passion and experience of our profession”

Stabu is a wholesaler for the technical branch with an extensive product range. As well as supplying the agriculture, water engineering and management and the landscaping and green spaces sectors, the company also offer personalised consultancy services. Partnered with service and personal contact. So it’s no surprise that Stabu and Van Osch have worked together for many decades.

Family business
“The primary focus of Van Osch is on pig farming so we differ there. But what we do have in common is offering customised advice, high levels of service and we value personal contact”, says Mirjam Berger, the CEO of Stabu. “Like Van Osch, we are started life as a family business. That’s a trait you notice. We share the same passion and involvement in our profession. We intuitively understand each other, we speak the same language.”

Customised equipment
So we don’t need to waste words in our relationship. “Van Osch produces standard products for us, such as PVC boards and door and wall profiles. But they also make customised products, including for our recreational division. One example was a specifically designed and developed drainage system for camper vans. At Stabu, we regularly have to meet a demand for certain products. We ask Van Osch to come up with a solution. The solution-oriented, practical and innovative character of Van Osch’s team ensures our wishes are realised. Thanks to the knowledge and expertise they have gained in pig housing equipment, they can also develop steel and stainless steel products and applications for other industries.”

“Impressed by their professionalism and innovation”

Phil Bennis & Sons Ltd source and import state of the art equipment and machinery from around the world to supply to some of Ireland’s most successful meat and pig producers. For around forty years, this renowned company has worked with Van Osch. The team at Phil Bennis & Sons are unanimous on the reason why. “The service provision at Van Osch is second to none. We’ve already completed many projects together, ranging from small to large. Once the price has been agreed, clear technical drawings are made of what has to be produced and installed. Every detail is described accurately, no point is overlooked and they support in every stage of the entire process” is how the Irish family business describes their experiences.

High quality products
Representatives of Phil Bennis & Sons have visited Van Osch regularly with one or groups of their customers in recent years. “Success is guaranteed. Our customers can see with their own eyes the professionalism and innovation that forms the foundation of the high quality products for pig farming. Our customers are always impressed and at least 95 percent turn their intentions into a purchase after a visit.”

“Production and delivery are always as agreed”

Since 1978, FGC Limited has specialised in the construction of top-of-the-line swine facilities. The Canadian company has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience over the past decades in planning and realising diverse projects for pig producers. So close cooperation between FGC Limited and Van Osch is logical.

Nice doing business together
More than logical in fact, is what FGC Limited’s team says when discussing Van Osch. “We apply the same principles and values in our dealings with customers as Van Osch. High quality products and service, which represent excellent value for money, are central to our operations. What is it we appreciate so much about Van Osch? Whenever you have a question, you’ll get an immediate reply. And we have no complaints about the logistics either. Production and delivery are always as agreed. In Canada we say ‘nice doing business together’.”

“Made in Holland appeals to French pig farmers”

Ben Kanters has been active on the French market for many years under the name of Pays Bas Élevage. He is an old hand in the pig business, with years of experience. Ben Kanters knows better than anyone what today’s pig farmers France expect: quality. The products from Van Osch (Made in Holland) are therefore very appealing to French customers.

Projects in France
Ben Kanters is proud to show the photographs of his projects in France. One of these was a large contract at a sow farm, with central dry feeders (stainless steel feeders with air intake) and slatted floors. Another project shows open tri-bar slats, and a few photographs later self-closing sow pens and separation gates to give free access to the stockperson. His gallery of projects contains the entire scope of applications in pig equipment.

Higher quality
Van Osch, with whom Ben Kanters has worked closely for several decades, is mentioned frequently. “Some years ago, the slogan of French pig farmers was ‘cheap and cheap’. That has now changed to higher quality. And that is, of course, precisely what the Van Osch ‘Made in Holland’ label stands for. They always do what they say, and offer excellent service. That’s very important to me as a dealer. After consulting with Van Osch, I know which promises I can give my customers. And, in the unlikely event of anything going wrong, short communication lines and an effective response will solve the issues as soon as possible.”

Pregnant sows
Farrowing sows
Stall equipment

Hulsel, farrowing pen


Leende, piglet pen


Wolferstedt, free-range farrowing pen


Nederweert, free-range farrowing pen

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