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We provide piglet pens as a complete package, if desired including slatted floors, feeders and troughs. And, custom-made to your specifications.

Our piglet pens can be produced using various materials and with a range of feeding solutions, such as dry feed feeders and liquid feed troughs.

Customised equipment

We fully realise that no two pig farms are the same. Your design is our guiding principle. We ensure that the end product seamlessly meets your requirements and expectations. The result: you receive a customised package of stainless-steel profiles, PVC planks and partitions, galvanised bars and the necessary fixing materials. Precisely what you need, nothing more and nothing less. More information about equipment for pig houses? Click here

Solid walls or bars

Depending on your preference, your piglet pens can be supplied with solid walls or bars. We also supply various versions of slatted floors, in a range of materials such as steel, concrete, composite or plastic. Pens can also be supplied with or without heating.

Balcony systems: more usable floor area

Do you want to create additional, usable floor space within the footprint of the existing building? Installing a balcony or plateau is the solution. We create a balcony made of concrete, metal or plastic that your piglets or finishers can access via a fixed or moveable walkway. The balconies are available in different versions: concrete, composite and plastic.

Advantages of a balcony system:

  • More efficient use of space in the house
  • Higher percentage of solid flooring
  • Greater choice of lying areas
  • Wide range of flooring material: concrete, metal, plastic
  • Climate control that creates different temperature zones on or below the balcony
  • Enriches the living environment
  • Allows pen mates an escape route

Tipping balcony

We have developed a tipping balcony so the pigs can be loaded easily and the pens cleaned. Optimal accessibility of both the lower and upper levels is maintained. A balcony system increases the percentage of solid flooring, for a very attractive investment cost.

We are also your partner for feeders (dry or liquid feed), water pipes, trough feeders and more.

Quality: advice

Our method is simple and easy: you can come to us with a basic sketch or global impression of what you want. We consider your wishes and start to draw up a concept. At this stage, we examine the various components critically to see where improvements, cost reductions or smarter strategies can be implemented. We inform you of our findings. Not to press our point, but because we like to go a step further to deliver benefits for you. This is how we guarantee premium quality equipment for pig houses, time and again.

Innovation in pig equipment

Legislation and regulations that govern equipment in pig houses are subject to continuous amendments. To ensure the continuity of healthy business operations, an innovative partner and supplier is essential. To remain innovative, we constantly adapt our insights and continuously improve our products

More information about our range of equipment for piglets? Send an e-mail to and we will be happy to schedule an appointment with you.

Hulsel, farrowing pen


Leende, piglet pen


Wolferstedt, free-range farrowing pen


Nederweert, free-range farrowing pen

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