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The key demands housing for sows must satisfy are safety, comfort and ease of use. Van Osch combines the best of these features in optimal equipment for pig houses.

We offer three different types of pens for sows:

  • AI pens (mating pens)
  • Boar pens
  • Group housing pens

    AI pens (mating pens)

    Your sows will probably only be kept in the mating pen for a few days. Nevertheless, the pen must meet various quality requirements. For example, it’s important to provide easy access to the sow. We offer three commonly used systems to access the mating pen (gates):

    Texas pens

    Pens with two separate entrance gates (‘swing gates’) at the rear of the pen. One gate restrains the sow, while the other gate allows you to easily access the pen. You can operate the gates with one hand. Each Texas pen is produced to customer specifications.

    Pen with folding/pivoting gates

    This pen with entrance gates at the rear is a lower-cost version of the mating pens. Main features: relatively low cost, ease of use thanks to features including the opening for insemination.

    Pen with entrance gate at the front

    These easy-to-operate entrance gates are used to position the boar close to the sow. Insemination is quick and efficient. The gates have been designed to always return to the closed position. If necessary, the gates can be locked and unlocked manually. Distinctive added value: the system is easy to operate. With some experience, the boar will be able to open the gates, provided the gates have been unlocked first.

    Boar pens

    Your boars are housed in customised pens. The iron bars and other parts are available in all dimensions. Flexibility and ease of use are the main features of these boar pens.

    Group housing

    Efficiency and ease of use are vital if you want to place your sow in the group after the insemination. Our access systems allow you to release the sows per pen or from multiple pens at the same time.

    We produce our group pens in all sizes. They can also be equipped with various feeding systems, such as feeders for dry feed and trough feeders. You can choose between solid walls or bars in the pens. We will provide expert advice to help you. We produce slatted floors in steel, cast iron or concrete.

    The pens for group housing are supplied as a customised package. If required, we can also assemble the pens on site (turn-key).

    We offer two systems for group housing:

    WECO pens

    WECO free access pens feature our own WECO hinge system, which has proven its high quality for almost 20 years. This pen is equipped with the characteristic blue WECO hinge. The gate always returns to the closed position thanks to the hinge, to ensure the pigs can enter and exit the pen smoothly and efficiently. The WECO system can be operated in three ways: mechanically, pneumatically or manually. With both the mechanical and pneumatic controls, the pens can be opened or closed individually. If a pig requires individual treatment, that specific pen can be kept closed, while the remaining pigs are allowed to leave the pens.

    Pig Free®

    Pig Free® group housing, provides your sows with more living space and comfort. At the same time, it offers optimal use of the space in the house and easy sow management. Pig Free® enables the sow to open the pen door outwards instead of inwards. The sows can easily leave the pen. The length of the pen is not much longer than the sow’s body length, so more living space is created behind a double row of pens. This makes the system extremely suitable for houses with limited space. Two rows of pens can be installed on a space of 650 centimetres (width 70 cm, length 250 cm).

    Group pens

    We supply group pens for sows made of durable galvanised bars combined with HPL panels. We are also your ideal partner for feeders (dry or liquid feed), water pipes, trough feeders and more.


    More information about our range of equipment for sows? Send an e-mail to and we will be happy to schedule an appointment with you.


    Hulsel, farrowing pen


    Leende, piglet pen


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    Nederweert, free-range farrowing pen

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