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Projects at Van Osch

Innovation is one of our spearheads. The Netherlands is at the forefront of stall equipment; Van Osch Uden is a national leading player. We are proud of that and we want to stay that.
We would like to give you an impression of the solutions we developed with our relationships. Do you also want to submit your project to an experienced professional party? Then contact us. In an open-ended conversation, we will look at how we can shape your wishes.

Our projects

We have been working on projects in the past that still make a difference today. Some examples:

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  • Pregnant sows
  • Farrowing sows
  • Piglets
  • Porkers
Weaner house Egchel
A new piglet farm is built in Egchel (Limburg) in 2018. The piglet pens are made of a complete plastic slatted floor, combined with concrete slats. This classification ..
Sow stall Egchel
A new sow farm was built in Egchel (Limburg) in 2018. 
Sow stall Maasbree
A new sow farm was built in Maasbree (Limburg) in 2011. By 2015, this company has doubled. The farmer chose WECO boxes for the pregnant sows, so that the sows could walk freely ..
Saw project Vietnam
In Vietnam, VDL Agrotech realized a completely new sow farm in 2016. The stables are all equipped with tunnel ventilation and pad cooling. To provide the animals with sufficient ..
Farrowing crates Lübars (D)
For a customer in Lübars, in eastern Germany, we made 312 farrowing crates at the end of 2016. They fully comply with the strict requirements of the state of Saxony-Anhalt.
Sow stall Dreumel
In Dreumel (Gelderland), a pig farm was expanded in 2016-2017 with farrowing crates, pregnant sows and piglets. The farmer chose group housing using plastic material. Feed of the ..
Sow stall Heeswijk-Dinther
In Heeswijk-Dinther, a sow farm expanded itself in 2016 with pregnant sows in group housing. For the pregnant sows, optimum use of space with PigFree® backgates was chosen.
AI station Fleringen
In 2016, F.H. Loohuis has set up a new boar stall for 99 AI boars. The boars live on a thick pack of flax straw, which extends to the concrete floor where the troughs are built ..
Fattener farm Melderslo
This stable was decorated in 2017 with plastic stall equipment and feed troughs. The fully planar grid flooring with openings (under the stainless steel feed trough) ensures ..
Fattener farm Meerlo
In 2016 we decorated a pork stall with panels and Groba group feeders. On the feed passage, we used steel Tribar floor for better air circulation. Immediately behind the group ..
Balcony’s Asten
In 2017 we delivered balcony’s for a fattener stall in Asten. The plates are 135 cm deep, here we have chosen for tumble up platforms. These balcony’s with Paneltim ..
Balcony’s Sambeek
In mid 2016 we provided a fattener stall with a solid plastic Paneltim platform for a farmer in Sambeek. These platforms are 100 cm deep. Due to the high overvoltage, stainless ..
Balcony’s VIC Sterksel
At VIC Sterksel we have made a room of fattener balcony’s, after consultation with the researchers. The three fixed platforms are made with dense and partially open grid ..
Sow stall Maasbree
The piglet pens are made of a complete plastic slatted floor, combined with cast iron. This classification creates a warm part (where the piglets are) and a cold part (for the ..