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The important features that a stall for sows must meet are safety, comfort and ease of use. Van Osch combines the best of these three areas in optimal stall equipment.

We distinguish three different types of boxes in our stall equipment for sows:

  1. A.I. stalls (Breeding boxes)

  2. Boar pens

  3. Group housing boxes

A.I. stalls (Breeding boxes)

Your pigs probably stay in the breeding box for only a few days. Nevertheless, the box must meet various quality requirements. For example, the accessibility of the sow is important. Concerning the ??accessibility of breeding boxes, we carry three common systems (gates):

Texas Boxes
Boxes with two separate entrance gates ('lounge gates') on the back of the box. One door holds the sow in place and through the other you easily access to the pen. You control the entrance gates with one hand. We make every Texas box tailored to your wishes.

Pen with folding/pivot gates
This pen with entry gates on the rear is a business-economically attractive variation of the breeding boxes. Main features: a relatively low cost, ease of use (due to the insemination opening).

Pen with control panel on the front
Via these easy-to-use entry gates you place the boar for the sow. Insemination goes quickly and efficiently. For example, the gates are designed so that they always close again to default. If necessary, you can manually unlock and lock the gates. Distinctive value: the system is easy to operate. After a few times, the boar is able to open the gates themselves (if you unlock the gates).

Boar pens

You accommodate your boars in tailor made boar pens. The iron tubes and other parts are available in all sizes and measures. Flexibility and ease of use are the main features of these boar pens.

Group housing

If you want to place your sow in the group after the insemination, efficiency and ease of use are desirable. Our access systems allow you to release the sows per pen or multiple pens at a time.

We produce our group pens in all sizes. We can equip them with different feeding systems (such as drip trays and trough feed). Also, the choice of dense walls or full marks is entirely up to you (of course we will give you our expert opinion). We produce grid floors in steel, cast iron or concrete.

We provide the pens for group housing as a customized package. If you wish, we can also do the final assembly (turn-key).

We distinguish two systems for group housing:

WECO pens

WECO drainage boxes feature our own WECO hinged system, which has proven quality for almost 20 years. You recognize it in the characteristic blue WECO hinge. The gate always falls back to zero thanks to the hinge, so that going in and out is efficiently and smoothly. The WECO system has three operating variants: mechanical, pneumatic or manual operation. With both the mechanical and pneumatic controls, you can open or close the pens separately. Does one pig need a separate treatment? Then you can keep that pen closed, while the remaining pigs can leave their pens.

Check out the operation of the WECO pens..

Pig Free®

With Pig Free® group housing, you provide your sows more living space and comfort. At the same time, you opt for optimal stall utilization and easy stall management. Pig Free® enables the sow to open the pen door outwards (instead of inwards). The sows can easily leave the pen. The pen is not much longer than the body length of the sow, which creates more living space behind a double row of pens. This also makes the system very suitable for stalls with limited space. On a 650-centimeter space, you can realize two rows of boxes (width 70 cm, length 250 cm).

Sow stall ASF
For Sows housed in grouphousing ASF we also supply the necessary gates en fencing.  

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Sow stall
Sows are increasingly housed in group pens. Sometimes in smaller but sometimes also in large groups. This happens with both dry food and supplementary food.  

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Sow stall
Sows are increasingly housed in group pens. Sometimes in smaller but sometimes also in large groups. This happens with both dry food and supplementary food.  

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