Farrowing sows

Stall equipment farrowing crates

Good, professional accommodation of farrowing sows and piglets is a key condition for a successful agricultural company. Comfort, animal welfare and ease of use are central to all our solutions.

We distinguish two types of farrowing crates:

  1. Fixed farrowing crates

  2. Movable farrowing crates

Fixed farrowing crates

Fixed farrowing crates have a fixed, immovable floor. The sow and the piglets are in the same room, at the same height. Depending on the application, you can choose an American or European model.

American model

This type has a height adjustable bottom tube. Depending on the size of the sow, you can easily adjust the bottom tube, up or down. The width of the farrowing crate is also adjustable. Key features of this American model: a lot of laying comfort and (as a result) a good accessibility of the udder.

European model

The European model of the farrowing crate is wider than the American model. Also in this type of farrowing crate, the width is adjustable. Furthermore, this type of farrowing crate has vertical bars, which ensures that the sow does not roll out of the farrowing crate. As a result, the horizontal tube is positioned somewhat higher than the American model.

Balance farrowing crates

Balance farrowing crates are equipped with a mechanical switch. If the sow gets up, for example to eat, the mechanism will come into operation and the floor on which the sow is located will lift about 25 centimeters. As soon as the sow lies down again, the floor drops to the normal level. As a result, the risk of death by overlaying is low, the piglet loss is minimal and you avoid the risk of a decline in turnover. Of course, we tailor-make your movable farrowing crates.

Check out the operation of the balance farrowing crates..

Feeding troughs and floors

For all types of farrowing crates, we supply different types of feed troughs and various materials and solutions for water pipelines and dry and liquid feed. We can also supply the crate floor in several materials, such as comfortable, low maintenance coated plastic floors for piglets and triangular steel and cast iron floors for sows.

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